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Presents – for the first clients
The first enthusiasts who would believe in the advantages and the multifunctionality of modern building technologies will receive one of the automatеd toilets that we offer, as a present.

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Soft Opening and Closing
The Toilet lid and the seat come with soft opening and closing function by using a special hydraulic damper.

Adjustment of Cleansing Location
Nozzle location can be adjusted according to each user`s physical characteristic.

Massage Function
It provides a massage effect by automatically changing water pressure.

Automatic Movement
Nozzle, moving break and forth, washes a large area clean.

Ultrasonic VibrationSoldering Toilet Seat
Seat Connection is made with ultrasonic vibration soldering method and it helps prevent an alien substance to be jammed into a seat for securing a clean and solid use.

Posterion/Bidet Cleansing with Airdrops
Powerful airdrops water stream spaying from an anal cleansing nozze improve clearsing effect. Airdrops water stream spaying from a bidet cleansing nozzle enhance Ferminine Hyglene.

Warrning Toilet Seat
It is possible to adjust a temperature of a toilet seat, thus enabling it to provide a warm and pleasant enviroment ever it winter.

It can keep a nozzle clean at all times by washing a nozzle before and after using ith automatically water flowing out.

Turbo Warm Air Dry
It dries up completely in a pleasant manner with powerful turbo warm air produced by motor.

Automatic Deodorization
It removes a stink in an instant with an automatic deodorizing filter installed.

Sit On Switch
It is designed to adivate only when a user sits down to help prevent malfunction.

Function of Water Pressure Adjustment
Water pressure can be adjusted.