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Steps in the construction of such a prefabricated wooden house:

Client’s orderthe locality of the terrain is specified (electricity, water systems of sewers and access to the construction site are compulsory), floors, functional disposition of every floor. A preliminary design and value account are prepared.
Signing of the contract and preparing of a miniature model of the wooden house – at will of the client.
Preparation of an investments project.
Conclusion of preliminary adhesive contracts with the Water supplying company and Electricity boards (e-On and CEZ).
Preparation of an investments project
  1. Architecture
  2. Construction
  3. Water supply and sewers systems
  4. Electricity supply
  5. Thermotechnics
  6. Project
  7. Geodesy – it is prepared for the construction site and includes vertical planning, tracing carnet and geological report.
  8. The preparation of the investments project is an obligation of the client.

Introducing the documents to the municipality for co-ordination, agreement and confirmation. The issue of the Construction license is an obligation of the client.
Foundations – 2 variants:
  - the client prepares the foundation himself
  - “DOME TECH BG” Ltd. builds the foundation
  When the construction is abroad, obligatory the client prepares the foundation.
Transporting and assembly of the wooden house.